MIT Sustainable Logistics Initiative director, Josué Velázquez Martínez, took part in this years MIT Sustainability Summit (Friday 26th April, 2019) and spoke with MIT Sloan School of Management for a follow-up article to discuss “People and Goods Transportation: Tech Synergies for Lasting Sustainability?”

The big takeaway, instant delivery isn’t the holy grail. In fact, the rollout of one-day delivery by companies such as Walmart and Amazon has led to greater traffic and congestion, higher emissions, and more woes for city planners.

Josue stated that customers need to be given an environmental statement in an understandable way: The energy required to deliver your product very fast might be equivalent to killing 1,000 trees, but if you are willing to wait, you can actually save approximately 50 trees per day. Those things have proven to be very impactful to drive consumer behavior. Understanding this element and educating consumers is a key thing that we believe, in the best-case scenario, is going to really help this challenge.

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