MIT SCM.290x Course

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

SCM.290x EdX course

SCM.290x will help you transform your organization’s climate pledges into actionable strategies through better supply chain management. Modeled on our for-credit MIT course, SCM.290x gives you a foundation to meet stakeholders’ demands for supply chain sustainability.

While many organizations have established goals to reduce emissions or become carbon neutral in the next 10-20 years, they struggle to translate these goals into specific actions and strategies.

Who can take this course?

Whether you have a sustainability background or are new to the effort, this course will illuminate pathways for how you might build sustainable supply chains for your organization to achieve your sustainability goals while meeting—and even exceeding—business expectations.

In this course, you will study practical alternatives on how to optimize carbon emissions by using geospatial analysis and data analytics. Examine “fast” and “green” delivery trade-offs in the new digital era, consumer relationship to sustainable products and services, and environmental costs of fast-shipping e-commerce. You will understand key concepts in supply chain sustainability, including supply chain carbon footprint, sustainable transportation, green vehicle routing, fleet assignment, truck consolidation, circular supply chains, sustainable sourcing, supply chain transparency, and green inventory management.

Course Content

This seven-weeks course combines case studies, applied projects, and business-case simulations for a dynamic, interactive learning experience. 

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Supply Chains
  2. Identifying Environmental Hotspots in the Supply Chain
  3. Sustainable Logistics
  4. Sustainable Sourcing and Replenishment
  5. Circular Supply Chains
  6. Improving the Social Performance of your Supply Chains

A tractor-trailer truck on open highway at sunrise




Aerial view of criss-crossing roadways in sunset light

You will learn

  • How to leverage consumer preferences and demands into sustainable supply chain strategies
  • How to estimate corporate carbon footprint and identify hotspots in the supply chain
  • How to account for environmental estimations in supply chain and logistics decisions
  • How to balance and trade off sustainability strategies with business performance metrics
  • How to design a circular supply chain for your company

Through the course SCM.290X Sustainable Supply Chains, I delved into a world of knowledge and practical applications that transformed how I approach my career. It’s not just about gaining knowledge; it’s about implementing practical solutions that make a real impact. This course has expanded my supply chain knowledge and empowered me to create positive change and build a more sustainable future for my future career.

Brenda Alatorre (2023 SCM.290x student)

I have a seat at the table as our company makes decisions on supply chain and logistics strategies.  The knowledge I gained through the course allows me to guide these strategies in ways that enhance our company’s environmental and social goals.  By providing thought-leadership on these topics, I feel my strategic influence in the company in increased.

Sustainable supply chain management is a topic that is growing in importance and, in my view, is not a temporary hyped topic but one that will shape supply chain strategy for decades to come.  The job prospects of professionals well-versed in these highly relevant areas will be well-positioned to make major contributions to numerous industries.

Ray Emenwein (2022 SCM.290x student)

The certificate has inspired me to apply for Master’s programs and hope to start my MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in 2024.

Completing the SCM290x course shows a commitment to pursuing sustainable practices and that aligns with my company’s business strategy….so yes!

Eddie Balaba (2022 SCM.290x student)