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What are Sustainable Supply Chains?

Supply chains are a powerful mechanism for connecting people and products, providing a ready venue for industry and stakeholders to collaboratively advance the Sustainable Development Goals. As consumers, governments and investors become increasingly conscious of environmental and social issues, many companies seek to address their concerns by reconsidering their supply chains.  But identifying, and more importantly, finding appropriate solutions for better and more sustainable systems proves challenging to most corporations that need to carefully balance competing business objectives and priorities.

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics launched Sustainable Supply Chains in 2018 as an umbrella program that brings together our sustainability research, education, and outreach. Our goal is to connect research outcomes to practical settings, enabling companies and stakeholders to leverage supply chains as a beneficial force to reaching global sustainable development goals. We seek to improve visibility of  supply chain impacts and develop strategies to help reduce them, so companies can better address consumer, political, and shareholder concerns.

Current Research Initiatives

Sustainable Supply Chain engages in research with industry-leading companies, institutions and fellow academics.

State of Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Carbon Emissions

Supply Chain Traceability

Communicating Supply Chain Sustainability

Circular Supply Chains

More Sustainable Research at MIT CTL

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics has several Sustainable initiatives that aim to connect research outcomes to practical settings, enabling companies and stakeholders to leverage supply chains as a beneficial force to reaching sustainable development goals. 

Sustainable Logistics Initiative

MegaCity Logistics Lab

Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab

Sustainable Supply Chain Updates

Alexis is a supply chain hero

Alexis is a supply chain hero

We are very proud that our very own Director Alexis Bateman was selected by IBM as a Supply Chain Hero. Check out her interview here:  ...

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In the news

In the news

We are trying to keep track of all the latest news from our sustainability team! To that end, we will post snippets from news items featuring our team from time to time. Check out the latest interviews Alexis and Suzanne have given! Feb 2020: Supply chain resilience...

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Roundtable Event – Circularity in the Supply Chain

Roundtable Event – Circularity in the Supply Chain

View the research project on circular supply chains, here, and if you're interested in getting involved, contact us at "Waste is just excess material in the wrong person's hands." Inspiration from our event yesterday where we hosted the...

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So, let's get to work! How will YOU get involved? #MITHacksC19 #COVID19 #coronavirus

As countries shut down, stock markets crumble and economic activity slows to a crawl, it is hard to believe that in a few months the coronavirus crisis may be over. @WSJ commentary by @YossiSheffi
#SupplyChain #COVID19

Why is COVID-19 Testing so Difficult? Erika Madrian, a Master’s student in the Technology and Policy Program at @MIT and her advisor Chelsey Graham decided to examine the question as a semester-long project. #MIT #research #COVID19 #thursdaymorning

In case you missed it @MIT @YossiSheffi on COVID-19 response by supply chain managers

Climate risk is everywhere — from flood, fire, and wind to migrating labor and depleted raw materials. Here’s what to do now to harden your supply chain.

#sustainability #ClimateAction #ClimateChange

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