We are trying to keep track of all the latest news from our sustainability team! To that end, we will post snippets from news items featuring our team from time to time. Check out the latest interviews Alexis and Suzanne have given!

Feb 2020: Supply chain resilience in the era of climate change in MIT School of Management’s Ideas that Matter.

According to Suzanne: “Climate change doesn’t just happen to you. You can actively work to fight it.”

Jan 2020: Making Emissions Visible. Energy Transitions Magazine. 

According to Suzanne: “There is no label that shows what the carbon footprint of an item is.”

Dec 2019: Can Loop disrupt society’s packaging habit? Inside TerraCycle’s grand experiment in Waste Dive.

According to Alexis: “Loop is trying to minimize waste, but does that process still take into account the emissions to take that product back and reuse it and wash it and reprocess it and send it back out?”