June 11, 2019

In the news article “Why Online Shopping Is More Eco-Friendly Than Traditional Retail — Or at Least It Was”, released on June 11 by FootWear,  Dr. Josué Velázquez Martínez provided the insight results from the “Green Button” Project and the benefits for e-commerce once the 1-day delivery promise is not followed.}

“[When you buy online], the company receives the order and can consolidate everything in a single, bigger truck. Therefore, in one single route, ideally, this company can deliver to your home. Instead of multiple vehicles going to one location, you have one vehicle going to multiple locations.”

Velazquez Martínez, 2019

Additionally, analyzing the willingness of the customers to wait longer for their deliveries once an environmental incentive was placed into the decision to avoid the fast-shipping deliveries.

“This is a market that nobody is capturing,” said Velazquez. “And it’s [good for] the companies because we know that you’re going to save fuel [with slower shipping], so less emissions but also less money wasted.”


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