Prepared by Dr. Josué C. Velázquez Martínez from MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, Dr. Laura Palacios-Argüello, and Prof. Joachim Arts from Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Revolutionize Southern California’s transport landscape with our groundbreaking electrification of the supply chain initiative. Unveiling a visionary approach to overcome the hurdle of limited electric vehicle (EV) range, our project aims to pave the way for heavy electric trucks in first- and middle-mile operations.

In this regard, the research initiative’s objective is to integrate EVs into the heartbeat of transportation. We’re not just solving a problem; we’re shaping the future of eco-friendly logistics!

How do we do it? By conducting analysis using a mathematical model for network design we provide insights about the locations of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) across the region. Also, we are redefining resilience by pinpointing the perfect EVCS locations based on demand variability.

Currently, the research focuses on three types of EV battery capacity, based on the effective range considered at 80% of the vehicle range.

So far, the results indicate that there is a reduction in the costs of opening an extra EVCS near the Port of Long Beach. Join us on this electrifying journey as we reshape the future of transportation.