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Supply Chain Management for Micro and Small Firms in Latin America

In this chapter, we discuss the connection between MSEs’ productivity growth and SCM. We present key takeaways from the literature and summarized different research approaches used to study this emerging field, specifically related to the impact of the size of the company, the use of surveys to gather data, and the importance of field interventions.

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Bikesharing (BSS) Model for Urban Design

This study presents a methodology to face the challenges that cities face in selecting sustainable and cost-effective transportation modes, helping planners make choices that can be expressed not only in monetary terms but also in environmental benefits associated with...

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Optimal Fleet Composition

How do certain vehicles perform on given road & environmental conditions? Which vehicle characteristics have the biggest impact on CO2 emissions?

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Green Home Delivery Consolidation

Last-mile home delivery is the last segment of the delivery process, and within there are significant fulfillment constraints and an associated economic and environmental costs. The “Green Button” Project allows customers to make the eco-friendly choice of waiting a...

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